Can Moringa Be Used for Liver And Body Detox?

Have you ever heard of the Moringa Tree? If you live in the United States there is a good chance you are saying; Huh? Well, if you haven’t heard of it yet, someday you will, because those in many other countries know of its nutritional properties, some say disease healing attributes. Now if you haven’t heard about it, that’s okay because, I run a think tank, and I hadn’t heard of it either.

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Not long ago, a well-known celebrity from the famous TV Show “The Biggest Loser” (a finalist in season 3) told me of this product and all its miraculous qualities. Still, I had to do the research for myself, and after reading a couple of research papers on it, and a couple of WikiPedia pages, it all started making sense to me. The Moringa Tree is nearly all edible from the leaves to the roots 辣木葉. And because it is so high in nutritional value many believe it is the answer to malnutrition and starvation of the worlds poor and destitute.

Sure that makes sense right, I mean if the leaves of this tree, bark, roots, etc, are so high in protein, and vitamins, then it surely makes sense to grow it in mass and cultivate it for the World Food Program, United Nation’s Habitat for humanity efforts, and then find a way to mass distribute it using small independent businesses financed with micro-loans, or perhaps using an MLM or Multi-Level Marketing strategy.

“Hey, wait a minute!” you say, you want some too. Of course, you do, who doesn’t want to cut down on their bulk eating, and have all the nutrition they need? In the first world we seem to be eating junk, with little or any nutrition and we are gaining weight while our bodies starve. Yes, I suppose it is time to fix that too. Who knows maybe you don’t need the money and don’t really want to get into your own business, but you perhaps should know about this product.

Yes, it’s now a product, as several companies have started harvesting and cultivating it and putting it into a form that can be used. You see the leaves need to be de-greased before it is consumed or eaten. Once that is done, the protein can be easily taken in by the body, along with all the vitamins too.

If you want to learn more you can get information on the Moringa Tree from “Church World Service, and Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization” you can look it up online. According to WikiPedia, and also from a company here in the US called; Zija International, which I believe imports the product from overseas after it’s been processed, it appears you too can get some. One common way to consume it is to mix the powder into a drink mix.

The simple and quick answer to this question is yes – but why? Whether you have liver disease or you simply want a liver detox to prevent the onset of a harmful condition, Moringa is the plant for you. One of the main causes of liver disease is an overwhelming amount of toxins found in the food you eat. A full liver and body detox is what you need to prevent toxins from taking their toll on your body. Moringa tea is a product that has long been used for its healing effects that lead to treatment for liver disorders. If you want proven to you what herbalists already know, you would do well to learn about some studies that have indisputably proven the effectiveness of Moringa.

A number of lab studies were performed with the intent to either demonstrate the effectiveness of or disprove the efficacy of Moringa in providing detoxifying effects for the body and liver. What was found was that a faster elimination of metal from the body was facilitated by the herb, it countered the negative effects of alcohol on the liver at least partially. It almost completely prevented ethanol-caused mitochondrial changes. All these effects are what provide a liver detox and truly a full body detox as well.

The reason why Moringa can perform such impressive effects could be due to two mechanisms at the cellular level. The first is that it can alter cell membranes so toxins simply cannot penetrate into the cell. The second is that it increases the speed of protein synthesis which stimulates cells to regenerate more quickly. Since the toxins cannot penetrate these, they are all healthy and can replace the effected cells. That is how liver detox works. The scavenging of free radicals, which is another function of the plant, is what provides the full body detox.

Not only can Moringa be taken as a supplement to provide therapeutic effects in cases of liver damage, but full-on liver disease can be treated as well. Several clinical trials suggest that many liver disorders caused by everything from cirrhosis to viral hepatitis can be not only treated but reversed. Hepatocytes found naturally in the body are stimulated by Moringa and caused to replace damaged, diseased tissue. A liver detox is required when the damage from alcohol and other drugs prevents it from being able to regenerate anymore. With a body detox, the overall functions of your body are improved, thanks to Moringa.