Why you need to Feature Your website in Google News (and How to Do It)

Google News is an element of Google Universal Search. Universal Search essential refers to the amalgamation of many different types of results e. g. video, news, places listings and products into the Google Search engine results Pages (SERPs). Universal Search has been in operation in the Serps since 2007 and since then webmasters have been constantly on the lookout for more and more innovative ways to apply strategies that will results in increased exposure in the one box universal results. The main benefit to featuring in these results is that, for example, a news items that features in the Serps will likely receive a far higher click through rate than a news items that features only in Google News.

Gaining Google News Compliance can often be a bit of a challenge, particularly for companies whose focus is mainly concentrated on small business SEO Open My TikTok Following Feed. Nonetheless, the benefits to be had from featuring in Google News are vast – imagine featuring on the first page of results for some of the biggest generic terms in your industry and you will get the idea. While Google News traffic is far less likely to convert into sales than standard organic traffic, it can still provide a tangible benefit in terms of getting more links and visibility for your site.

One of the main things you need to do to get into Google News is feature a three digit URL in the Urls of your news content. In order to feature you also need to have in the region of about a 3 months backlog of content i. e. you need to be adding content to your site for 3 months prior to submitting a request for inclusion Open My TikTok Following Feed. Google also requests that you add a “meet the writers” page to your site and there should be at least three people contributing new content to your website. It’s important when creating news content to avoid using opinion – you should only ever report events as they happen and avoid any self promotion through the news section of your website. The news should also be broadly relevant to the overall theme of your website and you should publish at least two news items each day or rather 40 news items per month to be considered for inclusion. No wonder most people don’t understand the economy. Often what might seem good on one hand, has bad side effects on the other. For example, the stock market rises- one would think that was good! But that was mostly due to the rising price of oil- bad news. But, often the price of oil rises because the “experts” believe the economy is improving and thus more oil will be needed in production- good news! But that rise in oil prices causes the cost of living to increase- bad news. But that helps the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)- good news! But that then causes inflation- bad news. But that inflation means the economy is improving- good news! But then the Fed becomes concerned about inflation and raises interest rates- bad news! Which causes the value of the dollar to improve- good news! But that hurts exports because now American products cost more overseas- bad news! But that means foreign products cost less in the US- good news! But that hurts American companies competitiveness- bad news!

If we think that political analysis and political chatter is often more hype than anything else, the same can certainly be said about analyzing economic news! You can readily see why economic news often seems co confusing. Economic news often seems confusing because it is – – what is good for one consumer, might be bad for another- what is good for one company, bad for another- what might be good for one sector of economy- bad for others.